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Interaction Designer

Orange Phone
Manage your calls serenly

How can we improve mobile calling experience?

Orange Phone replaces the existing native “phone” application for Android devices by offering additional services to Orange customers (Spam protector – Call prices – Reverse directory)

Orange Phone also allows B2B users to manage a second number dedicated to their business activities. The service has been built following a lean startup methodology and launched by Orange in 2018.

The service is available in 20 countries (Europe, Middle East and Africa) on the Play Store and embedded as the native phone application in Orange devices.

Links : GooglePlay.

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Skills involved
Lead interaction design

Disconnect to reconnect

Are we too close to our smartphones?

We just need to look around us and ask a few questions to parents to figure out that smartphones are nowadays a problem for interacting physically with others.

The "Elementaire" project is made to help parents creating disconnection habits with family members through a game. You just have to leave your phone on a base to win points. Then, you can visualize your score through a light pattern on the object. In that way, parents and children have a break together and share time without receiving notifications. The object works with magnet sensors which are connected to an Arduino.

"Elementaire" was my graduation diploma project and has been presented during the Innodesign International Biennale of Metz 2015.

Links : Innodesign.

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Skills involved
Interaction design - Product Design - Prototyping - Video making/editing/composing

time to enjoy

Shotgun is a young start up working on an inciting and intelligent way of mobile commercing.

By combining machine-learning algorithms to an intuitive user experience, we provide our users with instantaneous access to exciting offers that match their interests. As for our business partners, our marketplace lets them broadcast mobile-to-store campaigns to a targeted audience and optimize their sales in real-time.

Links : Google Play - AppStore

Skills involved
Interaction design - Ux/Ui Design - Prototyping - Art direction&graphic design

The Crank
Visualize the energy consumption

How can we help people realize their electricity consumption throughout the day?

Electricity is invisible and difficult to understand using numbers. A while ago we were using crank instead of electricity. We knew at that time the importance of energy.

The Crank project links a physical effort with a digital experience. When the player rotates the crank the story on the screen starts! It's the story of Léo who will go through the energy adventure. At the end you will know in Watts the energy you created during the experience and for how long you would need to rotate the crank to charge your phone.

The Crank project was made for company EDF and was exposed during the International Saint Etienne Biennale 2015.

Links : Biennale Saint Etienne - Smart Electric Lyon

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Skills involved
Interaction design - Product design - Prototyping - Art direction&graphic design

Charlotte Bourcier - Samuel Tournier - Julien Cochard

Your personal bank advisor

How to get new young customers to create a bank account at Caisse d'Epargne?

We realized by interviewing young people that they don't like to analyze why they don’t have any more money. They just want to make it to their next paycheck! However, they usually have goals such as traveling, buying a new phone or their first car.

For them, we created Oscar! Oscar will be your new bank advisor. It's your buddy, someone available and someone you know! He will help you to better organize your expenses according to your goals. You will also receive rewards and benefits if you follow your objectives.

Oscar is a mobile app created for a contest by Caisse d’Epargne and it won second prize.

Skills involved
Interaction design - Ux/Ui Design

Charlotte Bourcier - Samuel Tournier - Julien Cochard

The simplest way to cook

How can we make people take their time to cook healthy and begin a cooking ritual?

For the La Poste group, who specializes in deliveries, we created a connected apron that links with a mobile app. The apron symbolizes the cooking ritual, all you have to do is wear it and let us guide you!

A speaker located inside the apron acts as the cooking coach and leads you step by step through the recipes and gives you good tips. Thanks to the app, you can choose different recipes, select any food restrictions (allergies, gluten, religious obligations, vegan, etc.)

You get your ingredients delivered at home so there are no more forgotten items and you have more time to cook! Moreover, people nowadays are using screens, such as iPads and phones, but with dirty hands so it is not the best option.

In the future, we hope to build a community where people can share their own recipes and record the cooking steps for other members to follow.

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Skills involved
Interaction design - Product design - Ux/Ui Design - Video making/editing/composing

Charlotte Bourcier - Samuel Tournier - Julien Cochard

Passion Fruits
A job according to your passion

How can we help young people to get a job linked with the new digital opportunities?

We are young and we have passions, but for many reasons we don't keep trying to reach them. The digital world presents a lot of new opportunities that could be unknown for young people.

Passion Fruits, through an app experience, will try to understand your personality to provide a list of job offers that might interest you.

Passion Fruits is a project made during a contest with the Web School Factory and The Coca-Cola Foundation and won third place.

Skills involved
Interaction design - Ux/Ui Design

Claire Paoletti - Ruben Chriqui - Julien Cochard

Bike easy

How to make using a bicycle easier in everyday life?

Using a lock is a big issue of mobile transportation because it's heavy and usually dirty. This is why we created a new removable handlebar that becomes a lock.

The handlebar is made of two parts. You can use the first part as a normal lock with a key. The second part is the place you hold the handlebar and you can keep it with you so it’s always clean. Plus, it’s customizable.

Moreover, by taking away the handlebar the bicycle cannot be used.

Skills involved
Product Design